Kobelco unveils new building demolition machine 

The SK1300DLC has joined the ranks of Kobelco’s fleet of building demolition machines.

The SK1300DLC has joined the ranks of Kobelco’s fleet of building demolition machines.

Featuring an operating weight of 130 tonnes and a reach of up to 40m, the SK1300DLC is now the world’s largest OEM manufactured building demolition machine.

The SK1300DLC was first introduced to the European market in March 2022 to high acclaim.

It can now be ordered in Australia and New Zealand. The first sold unit is due to arrive on Australian shores in mid-2023.

“As the market leader in high reach demolition excavator sales in Japan, Kobelco’s expertise and reputation globally in the demolition industry is well established,” general manager of marketing and direct sales Chris Wolf said.

“With the introduction of the SK1300DLC, Kobelco is now able to offer this ultra-high reach excavator to demolition contractors across Australia and New Zealand.”

Kobelco is a company renowned for manufacturing machinery that is strong enough to demolish old structures and powerful enough to get the job done quickly.

The last several years have seen an increased demand for larger building demolition machines, and Kobelco has gone above and beyond with the SK1300DLC.

In keeping with its reputation of technologically advanced machines, Kobelco has added its Next Advance system to the SK1300DLC, meaning it can be adapted for multiple job site applications, from high elevation demolition to breaking up building foundations.

The SK1300DLC also feature operator comfort and safety with its automatic stops, interference position detection, and tip-over warning device.

It is also quick and easy to disassemble, allowing for fast and easy transportation to different job sites.

“The SK1300DLC is ideal for demolition projects that require a high reach of over 30m, but its Next Advance system, and high-capacity tool weight also makes it ideal for demolition work at ground level or sub-ground,” Wolf said.

“We see that this versatility, and the fact that it is quick and easy to disassemble and transport, is of great benefit to demolition contractors working on multiple job sites.

“Despite its commanding size, at the heart of it, the SK1300DLC also has all of the same great high quality and performance that Kobelco is renowned for.

Visit kobelco.com.au/product/sk1300dlc/ for more information.

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