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Dependable oils keep quarries running

The Mobil Delvac range helps quarrying machinery achieve reduced service intervals and improve efficiency and emissions.

The Mobil Delvac range helps quarrying machinery achieve reduced service intervals and improve efficiency and emissions.

When searching for the best in engine and hydraulic oils for heavy-duty quarrying machinery, the goal is reduced service intervals and improved efficiency and emissions.

Luckily, the Mobil Delvac range satisfies both.

After ExxonMobil and Ampol entered a marketing alliance in late 2020, Ampol took the reins on the manufacture and distribution of Mobil* lubricants in 2021, with cornerstone products like Mobil Delvac continuing to improve.

The Delvac* range of diesel engine oils was first developed in 1925, but Ampol technical solutions specialist Abdulla Nasser told Quarry that the range and quality of current day Mobil Delvac is worlds away from its origins.

“There is an excellent range of engine oils depending on what a customer’s emissions requirements are,” Nasser said, “but we usually recommend the Mobil Delvac Modern 15W-40 range of engine oils.”

This high-performance product range is the result of Mobil’s recognition that the mining and quarrying sectors need the best in efficiency and reliability.

Whether machines are running hot and heavy, or regulations call for strict emissions reductions – or both – Mobil Delvac Modern 15W-40 is a common calling card for the Ampol team.

“The best of the Mobil Delvac Modern 15W-40 range is the Full Protection option, which supports emissions standards and longer service intervals are achieved,” Nasser said.

“This product gives you extended drain intervals, and with our recent transition to Mobil lubricants, we’ll be looking being able to increase drain intervals by another 25 to 50 per cent.”

In a sector like quarrying, where time is money, the lengthening of service intervals can be a game-changer for operations of all shapes and sizes.

What makes high performance oils attractive to machinery and equipment operators, besides spacing out the service intervals, is the potential to improve the reliability and efficiency of their equipment.

“If they somehow overextend on their service intervals, they still have enough of a buffer from this range,” Nasser said.

“If they’re supposed to change the oil out at 500 hours and they get around to it at 550 hours, they can still be confident that it won’t have much effect on the performance of the equipment.”

In hydraulic oils, Ampol continues to be a leader in the market with the Mobil range.

One example Nasser highlighted was the DTE 10 Excel Series hydraulic oil, designed to meet the needs of modern, high pressure, industrial and mobile equipment.

“Ampol are looking to show the quarrying and mining sector more about DTE 10 Excel because it’s a real stand-out product and we know the true benefit it can have to them,” Nasser said.

“It runs cleaner, and it lasts longer, even in hotter temperatures.

“The beauty of it is that it doesn’t break down through the machine’s pumps which could potentially decrease efficiencies for the machine overall.”

An added benefit of DTE 10 is its longevity over varying temperatures compared to similar oils in the market.

“Usually, hydraulic oils left in the sump too long can form a varnish and it thickens and becomes sticky which can build up and cause wear in various components,” Nasser explained.

“Whereas the DTE10 Excel series oils don’t tend to do that and in fact have been shown in the field to have a cleaning effect as well.”

Ampol customers include household names across the quarrying and construction sector, right down to the little operators who require just as much attention to their lubricant needs.

To cater to all kinds, Nasser said a lot of time is put into understanding unique customer requirements.

“The Ampol Technical and Product Solutions team (or TaPS) has a great understanding of Mobil Delvac Full Protection is highly recommended for quarrying applications. Mobil products and how high-performance engine and hydraulic oils can benefit a machine as well as a customer’s operations,” he said.

“We look at the specific applications for the customer and their required service intervals. We ask questions around what efficiency they want and how much uptime they’re targeting.”

And if for any reason the final product doesn’t seem up to scratch, which Nasser admitted would come as a shock, one can be sure that the next generation of Mobil Delvac oils or Mobil hydraulic oils will be another step in the right direction.

“The results of equipment performance and used oil analysis which Ampol and its customers are seeing in the DTE Excel fluids shows that this is most likely the best hydraulic oil in the Australian market today,” Nasser concluded.

*MobilTM and Mobil DelvacTM are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation and used under licence by Ampol Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd.

For more information about the Mobil DTE10 Excel series, visit ampol.com.au/fuels-and-oils/lubricants/business/industry-solutions/ agriculture/hydraulic-oil

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