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Sandvik RS410 cutter offers improved service life

The Sandvik RS410 raiseboring cutter features a new design and tougher carbides for improved safety, reduced downtime, and maintenance costs.

The Sandvik RS410 raiseboring cutter features a new design and tougher carbides.

In raiseboring, changing cutters results in significant downtime, as the process can take up to a week to complete.

It also brings safety risks for operators working within the raiseboring area. Longer service life is therefore key in all raiseboring operations.

According the Sandvik, RS410 cutter can achieve up to 20 per cent longer service life (depending on rock conditions) which can help improve productivity, sustainability, and safety.

The RS410 features an updated roller bearing design, improved carbide inserts for reduced breakage and an upgraded lubricant with higher heat tolerance than previous cutters.

“The new RS410 cutter takes our raiseboring offering to the next level,” Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions rock tools division product manager rotary and raiseboring Russell Clayton said.

“Customer safety, sustainability and productivity are always at the heart of our product development, and the RS410 fits the bill in all these aspects.

“With it, our customers can significantly improve their raiseboring performance,” Clayton said.

“We now look forward to seeing the new cutter enter the market, setting a new standard for safety, productivity, and sustainability,” he continued.

“As we start to serve more and more customers with the RS410 cutter, we will begin to transition offering only the new product, ensuring that all of our raiseboring customers can improve their operations,” Clayton added.

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