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Liebherr shows off new mixing plant

Liebherr's new Betomix and Mobilmix modular design mixing plant series will replace several predecessor series.

Liebherr’s new Betomix and Mobilmix modular design mixing plant series will replace several predecessor series.

The new mixing plant series can be combined using prefabricated modules.

Individual modules can be planned and manufactured independently of each other and combined with other modules.

Customers will benefit from more freedom when configuring plants, shorter delivery times, faster assembly, and increased parts availability.

Improvements to the drive will also reduce current consumption by up to 30 per cent and increase weighing accuracy – this means that up to 7.5 kg of cement can be saved per cubic metre of concrete.

Likewise, hybrid mixing processes and shorter mixing times are easy to implement, avoiding power peaks.

Wear is also reduced due to the soft starting and soft stopping of the drives.

The galvanised modules offer increased robustness, ensuring a long service life.

The modules pre-wired and fully assembled at Liebherr. After testing, the modules are delivered as complete transport units to the construction site.

Transporting the modules is easier as their dimensions are optimised, reaching a maximum width of three metres.

The modules feature a folding concept and plug connections so they can be quickly and efficiently assembled and put into operation at the construction site.

Depending on the customer’s requirements and use, mixer systems can be installed in the same basic system. Liebherr uses its own twin-shaft or ring-pan mixers.

Output rates of 100 to 210 m³ of compacted fresh concrete per hour are possible. Multiple optional accessories can be 2/3 integrated without additional effort.

Various storage facilities for the aggregates can be incorporated, such as a tower silo. Even the optional winter cladding is standardised for all variants.

The mobile design of the new Betomix mixing plant generation is marketed under the name of Mobilmix, which will also be available in 2023.

Customers will be able to decide to what extent the mixing plant should be mobile.

Liebherr will present the new plant series at the Bauma trade fair held in Munich, Germany on October 24–30, 2022.

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