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WA resources sector cracks down on alcohol consumption

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA has introduced new guidelines to limit the the consumption of alcohol at on-site accommodation.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA (CME) and its member companies have introduced guidelines to limit alcohol consumption at on-site accommodation facilities across the resources sector.

The ‘Safe and Respectful Behaviours – Industry Alcohol Guideline’ outlines management and education requirements on how alcohol consumption is to be treated at accommodation facilities.

It builds existing drug and alcohol policies implemented across industry workplaces, such as the ‘CME Eliminating Sexual Harassment in the WA Resources Sector – Implementation Framework’, and aims to provide further consideration towards work-adjacent environments.

“Events over the past 18 months, including the ongoing ‘Parliamentary Inquiry into sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry’ have strengthened our resolve to provide safe and inclusive workspaces for all of the sector’s 156,000-plus employees,” CME director of policy and advocacy Rob Carruthers said.

“This industry guideline is another step in a process that revolves around continual improvement.”

The guideline applies to company owned or operated resources sector accommodation facilities within Western Australia.

It requires residents to maintain a four-drink limit over a 24-hour period, prohibits the rapid consumption of alcohol (such as shots and doubles), and the availability of varies drink-strength options – including non-alcoholic drink options.

The guidelines also require additional facility management, such as the prohibition of people being intoxicated while at accommodation facilities and active encouragement of a culture of moderation.

Further initiatives to support the requirements include implementation of education material that inform residents in accommodation facilities about the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and consideration to best practice initiatives.

Carruthers believes the guideline reflects the WA mining and resources sector’s long-standing commitment to best practice for both physical and psychological safety in the workforce.

“This guideline represents a significant milestone in our sector’s work to be as safe as possible at all times,” he said.

“Over the past couple of years, several CME member companies have implemented their own alcohol limits.

“But it’s also very important that there is industry-wide guidance that can be used at any operation, driving healthy behaviours that encourage a culture of moderation,” Carruthers said.

He pointed out that the guidelines were developed alongside drug and alcohol experts, 360Edge.

“Crucially, the guideline takes into account not only the experience of CME member companies’ work around alcohol, but also input from independent drug and alcohol experts 360Edge.

“With their expertise across a range of sectors, 360Edge were able to provide invaluable advice on what best practice in alcohol consumption should look like for WA mining and resources operations,” Carruthers explained.

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