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24-7 geotechnical monitoring solution

Eltirus' geotechnical monitoring solution provides 24x7 monitoring and long-term movement analysis and reporting.

Many ground control management plans (GCMP) specify geotechnical monitoring requirements that are often expensive to implement and are difficult to manage due to the need to bring in a surveyor to carry out periodic monitoring.

Eltirus decided there had to be a better way and is proud to release a cost-effective monitoring solution based on a network of ruggedised sensors that provide 24-7 monitoring and long-term movement analysis and reporting.

Its cloud based geotechnical monitoring solution enables you to monitor the stability of pit benches, dam walls and structures, alerting to potential problems in real time.

Eltirus offers further hardware, software and services within its geotechnical offering, such as:

  • Review of your monitoring requirements
  • Provision, installation and configuration of geotechnical sensors
  • Configurable alerts
  • A cloud based dashboard to review trends and alerts
  • Ongoing monitoring and interpretation by our geotechnical team
  • System rent, hire or buy

For more information visit eltirus.com

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