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Adbri builds towards net-zero emissions


Adbri has released a plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, with its new Net Zero Emissions Roadmap to 2050 outlining three new medium-term reduction targets for lime, cement and electricity by 2030.

The Australian manufacturer of lime, cement and dry blended products currently operates two emissions-intensive processes, including lime production and the integrated manufacture of clinker and cement.

Adbri’s medium-term focus will concentrate on the reduced CO2 impact from the production of cement, lime and electricity, with a short-term target for the fiscal year (FY) 2024 of 7 per cent absolute reduction in operational emissions.

The medium-term targets for FY 2030 will revolve around the 20 per cent reduction in cement emissions intensity (kg CO2 net/tonne), the 10 per cent reduction in lime emissions intensity, and a 100 per cent zero emissions electricity supply by FY 2030.

The company’s cement emissions intensity in FY 2020 was 557kg CO2/t cement, with the new medium-term target aiming to reduce this to 446kg CO2/t cement, a 47 per cent reduction.

Similarly, Adbri’s lime intensity emissions stood at 1100kg C02/t lime in FY 2020, while the new plan will target a 10 per cent reduction to 990 kg CO2/t lime by FY 2030.

The company will also look at best practice electricity generation through use of renewable generation and emerging technologies, including carbon capture.

Adbri has additional plans to partner with Calix to develop a new technology which will allow pure CO2 to be captured in lime production.

As one of Australia’s largest producers of cement, lime, and masonry products, the emphasis for Adbri is on decarbonisation and contributing to the low carbon economy without substituting good product.

“Our products help build the homes and infrastructure that are essential for a thriving society. Protecting Adbri’s economic vitality by being a low-cost, lower carbon, high-quality Australian producer is integral to delivering on our sustainability strategy,” Adbri said.

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