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Liebherr’s latest loaders increase safety, productivity



Liebherr has released the eighth generation of its wheel loader series, with three new models revealed: the L 526, L 538 and L 546. 

Along with new lift arms that will see an increase in performance, the 8th generation also features an increase in engine power, optimisation of the hydrostatic travel drive and active personnel detection to increase safety and comfort. 

The new lift arms were developed with increased performance in mind, leading to an optimisation of efficiency. 

A combination of more powerful working pumps and larger hydraulic cylinders in the lift arms allows faster cycle times and dynamic and powerful work movements. These advancements allow these movements to be performed even with heavy attachments, further advancing productivity. 

The new lift arms also feature z-bar kinematics, a technology that will mean the machines are more prepared to handle heavier loads. 

New lift arms are available for industry-specific challenges and the fully automatic LIKUFIX quick-coupler system allows operators to change between mechanical and hydraulic working tools at the touch of a button. 

These details aim to make day-to-day work with the wheel loaders easier, according to Liebherr. For example, you can activate the parallel guidance of the lift arms at the push of a button and thus work efficiently and safely with forks. 

The hydrostatic travel drive has been optimised to increase the productivity of the wheel loaders. This optimisation has also included axle reinforcement and, depending on the model, increasing the size of the front or rear axles. 

The engine power for the L 526 has increased by 20 per cent with engine power sitting at 116 kW / 158 hp. This has led to a performance and efficiency increase without sacrificing the low fuel consumption that has become a standard in Liebherr’s wheel loaders. 

An innovative safety feature, the active personnel detection features a brake assistant, able to distinguish between humans and objects using smart sensors. 

In a further commitment to safety, Liebherr has enabled the break assistant to automatically reduce the speed to a standstill to avoid any potential accidents.  

Like previous new generation releases, Liebherr’s head of sales Wolfgang Rottensteiner said that consulting with Liebherr’s customers was a key component in improving the range. 

“We have analysed our international customers’ demanding wheel loader operations over a long period”, Rottensteiner said. 

The new 8th generation of wheel-loaders will see a fundamental revision, with safety and productivity continuing to be key features in Liebherr’s releases. 

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