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Komatsu offers remanufacturing for DPFs


Komatsu has set up a remanufacturing facility for diesel particulate filters (DPFs) at its Fairfield head office in Sydney to address the increasing demand for low-emission diesel engines.

Government departments, major contractors and project managers which are determined to reduce their impact on the environment, are increasingly giving preference to earthmoving equipment suppliers who offer machines that comply with Tier 4 final emission requirements.

The Japanese manufacturing company put the facility in place to meet this need, ensuring quality and supply reliability for its customers.

Tier 4 Final engines reduce both Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) and nitrous oxide (NOx) levels by 90 per cent when compared with previous generation Tier 3 engines.

The DPF is a regenerating filter that captures soot and ash and is a critical component which ensures that Tier 4 engines achieve such significant reductions in PM and NOx levels.

Komatsu’s DPF remanufacturing process involves a series of quality assurance inspections and tests at all stages of the process, ensuring that emission and reliability standards are being met.

The primary elements that make up the filter’s core include the high-pressure air cleaning and/or baking of the diesel oxidation catalyst and the catalysed soot filter.

Komatsu’s National Operations Manager – Manufacturing Support, Steve Bowling, said the filter has a life expectancy of 4500 hours or more, depending on application, operating conditions and operator practices.

“Komatsu Reman DPFs are available through our service and parts departments throughout Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, and cost approximately one-quarter to one-third the price of a new unit,” Bowling said.

“We offer a fixed price, depending on the machine model, and it’s simply a matter of giving us the old DPF when we swap it out.

“Changing over a DPF is a very straightforward process for our customers.

“And as with all our Reman products, Komatsu Reman DPFs are backed by our full factory warranty.”

In its commitment to reduce the impact Komatsu machinery has on the environment, the company is ahead of the Australian standards mandate for this level of emission-reduction in its enginery.


Written by Danaya Malenda

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