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RRC crushers use reliable Roadmasta


The Precisionscreen Roadmasta is a fully contained screening and crushing machine perfectly suited for on-the-go applications like the Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC). 

Measuring hundreds of kilometres across, the RRC is a big task for any team, but crushing team leader Wally Flynn said the Roadmasta is up to the task. 

“We’ve been running with Roadmastas since I’ve been with the Council and I’ve been here about 15 years. We’ve had three separate machines over the journey and it does what we need with no dramas. It’s a brilliant machine,” he told Quarry. 

There are roughly 20 gravel pits across the RRC and Flynn and his team can be seen moving about each day with their bright blue and yellow Roadmasta hooked up to their prime mover. 

Once set up, the Roadmasta is usually tasked with crushing about four thousand tonnes per day, but Flynn has doubled this on occasion when his ducks are in a row. 

This is thanks in part to the superior service provided by Precisionscreen, according to Flynn. 

“We’ve never had a drama with their support, They’re easy to get on with and the best thing about them is, over the years, they’ve been happy to modify our Roadmastas to suit our requirements,” he said. 

“My team up here isn’t getting any younger, so we made some changes to the second machine to make it more mobile and Precisionscreen was happy to accommodate. 

“Now, our third one is even better after we made a couple more tweaks. We just worked with their engineers, they came up with a plan and now I can’t fault them.”

As standard, the Roadmasta comes with a 7.5-cubic metre hopper, a 6-cylinder Deutz engine and both conveyors measuring 1000mm wide. 

Flynn’s modifications included a change to the conveyor which better suited his team’s applications. 

“We just changed the tail conveyor setup. It originally had a slew conveyor but we found that if we had a folding one, it was easier and quicker to pack up which is important in our job moving from site to site,” he said. 

“Me and my workmate can now have it up and running in 15 minutes.”

Even with such modifications, the Roadmasta remains an economical option for the RRC where value is the key objective. 

Not only does the Roadmasta combine a crusher and a 30mm screen, saving on multiple machines, it’s also reliable and fuel-efficient, according to Flynn. 

“This is the only feasible, cost-effective choice for us. We couldn’t afford to have a bigger multi-machine sort of crushing set up with extra screens, so this is simple and effective,” he said. 

“We might get up to three days out of a 150-litre tank and that’s running hard all day.”

And while the Roadmasta gives next to no trouble for Flynn and his crew, Precisionscreen is only a stone’s throw from Rockhampton to lend a hand if required. 

“We have very little dramas crushing some thousands of tonnes a day. We’ve put the usual preventative maintenance into it and it’s given us very little trouble,” he said.  

“For anything major like the odd hydraulic pump or motor needing replacement, Precisionscreen can ship it up overnight and have us back to work the next day.”

Safety is as big a priority as any at RRC, as in any good crushing team, and the Roadmasta caters to this with multiple key features. 

Flynn said the machine made it easy to be safe while still getting the job done. 

“There are numerous great safety features. It’s got emergency stops all over it and we also have a remote control, so you can start and stop the crusher from the cab of the loader without going near it,” he said.•

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This article also appears in the April issue of Quarry Magazine.

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