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A win for quarries against urban encroachment


Written by Danaya Malenda.


The Victorian Planning Minister has modified the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to reflect favourably on both quarries and those living in the surrounding regions.

Amendment VC291 changes the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP) and all planning schemes to support the ongoing operation of extractive industry across Victoria and increase amenity protections for nearby accommodation.

The amendment is necessary to ensure orderly planning and minimise the potential for land use conflict between accommodation in rural zones, and proposed and approved extractive industry.

Particularly, it aims to protect the health and wellbeing of occupants of nearby accommodation in rural areas, avoid any amenity impacts arising from operations of the extractive industry, as well as, recognise and protect proposed and existing extractive industry operations by preventing encroachment.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne said this amendment is important for both the extraction industry and residents living in the surrounding areas.

“This amendment minimises conflict between housing and extractive industry in rural areas, requiring landholders to seek a permit before building accommodation near an existing or proposed quarry,” Wynne said.

“This is about ensuring new homes are protected against potential amenity impacts such as dust and noise.”

It is intended to create economic benefits by establishing a clear and transparent planning system that supports the ongoing operation of extractive industry across Victoria.

Assessing the suitability of accommodation in proximity to extractive industry avoids the potential to increase operational burdens on extractive industry, force closures and limit access to state significant earth resources.

The amendment will also ensure that the establishment of accommodation does adversely impact the planning and design phase for future extractive industry operations which may occur over many years.

This amendment follows similar changes that have already been introduced for the planning of wind farms.

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