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Quartz in the rough: NSW sandstone site up for sale


A sandstone quarry is up for sale 40 minutes north of Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, with three extraction pits for a combined output of 170,000 tonnes per year.

The resource is very high in quartz and is known as quartz arenite. This is especially in demand of late, as the east coast’s infrastructure boom has been exacerbated by flood damage.

Such material is suitable for road base, cobble stone, gabions, large retaining rocks and sand which has been tested for suitability in concrete.

The property is about 728 hectares of mountains and bush with sandstone cliff faces and freshwater creeks.

Of the three pits, one is permitted to extract 70,000 tonnes per annum over a 28 year lifespan; another, 80,000 tonnes per annum for 25 years; and a third can have 20,000 extracted until the resource is exhausted.

For those with the know-how, a large amount of mill logs and poles are ready to be harvested with permits to do so – timber being another key ingredient in the east coast’s post-flood rebuild.

For more information, contact John Green on 0411 420 435.


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