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Mobile and flexible dust control


Polo Citrus has developed an environmentally friendly and biodegradable dust suppressant designed to be applied through its mobile dust suppression system (pictured).

The Biodegradable Dust Suppressant (BDS) is set up on crushing or recycling plant and a thick foam is applied to the material prior to the crushing process.

The foam encapsulates dust particles and prevents them from becoming airborne, helping quarry operations to maintain their commitment to environmental regulation.

The system is set up on a trailer which is available for an on-site trial or for rent for a period. This self-contained solution allows users to park their dust suppression system anywhere and move off with ease for the more mobile operation.

With Polo Citrus’ easy to use and cost-effective BDS, quarry operators can reduce water consumption and protect both personnel and equipment. 

For more information, visit Polo Citrus, polocitrus.com.au

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