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Filling a crusher-sized hole in Australian quarries


Metso:Outotec has extended its range of Lokotrack mobile crushing and screening equipment to fill a mid-tier gap for Australian quarries. Enter the LT200HPX and LT220GP cone crushers.

Tutt Bryant Equipment (TBE) is Metso:Outotec’s largest Lokotrack distributor in the world as it caters to all of Australia’s crushing needs. 

Since the companies joined forces in 2012, TBE has moved from strength to strength and developments like MO’s latest cone crushers just keep rolling on out. 

TBE business development manager for Metso:Ouotec (MO) equipment Paul Doran said the LT200HPX and the LT220GP cone crushers represented another step in the manufacturer’s growth. 

“Like a lot of Metso developments, this is an evolution. Some of the things they’ve done with these machines have taken previous development and improved them,” Doran told Quarry.

“For instance, they’ve had pre-screens on Lokotracks before, but not this big and not on this size machine.”

The two-deck pre-screen can be added to both models and measures 1.2m x by 1.8m, an addition that could add between 30 and 50 per cent more crushing capacity to the machine, according to MO Group. 

“The whole concept of the pre-screen is to remove all the fines from the cone crusher because they reduce your capacity and generate more wear,” he said. “You can split the amount of material that enters the crusher by placing the oversize in the crusher and have the mid-size bypass the crusher, for example.

“As a third option, you could send the whole lot out the side conveyor, giving you a few options depending on your application.”

An adjustable main conveyor has also been included with the new models, allowing users to raise or lower the discharge height between 3.2m and 3.9m.

This represents a change from usual proceedings, which would typically see MO plant fit best with other MO plant. By adjusting the conveyor, operators can now integrate their new MO crusher into a string of machines from other manufacturers. 

 “Obviously, this doesn’t always work because if you have another brand’s cone crusher which is a different height, you’ll have to add pads underneath or dig under another,” Doran said. “This is a lot of messing about and it adds to operator’s unproductive time.”

Another of Doran’s favourite aspects on the new models is the Caterpillar engine. At 310 kilowatts, the Cat C9.3B engine can chew through about 250 tonnes per hour on the LT200HPX.

“The high performance of these models is enabled by the engine’s direct drive,” Doran said. 

“Caterpillar have done a lot of work to make these engines very efficient. The direct drive of the engine ensures there’s no power loss through a gearbox.”

To satisfy safety and reliability, MO has made maintenance as easy as possible for time-poor operators, with collapsible platforms running along the length of the cone and the pre-screen. 

These platforms can fold down within the transport envelope, so owners don’t have to crane pieces on and off every time the plant needs to be transported.

A range of liners available for the LT200HPX also improves maintenance duties. 

“The 200HPX, for instance, has seven options to match different applications, which is a considerable amount,” Doran said.

“If it’s a secondary crusher you’ll have a coarser liner, but a tertiary application doing fine crushing will need a medium or fine liner to get the job done.”

In late March, TBE will be presenting the new models at the Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) National Conference in Newcastle (29–31 March). 

Doran said the layperson might see the new models for the first time and remain unaware of some important updates in the LT200HPX and the LT220GP. 

“They’re an in-between model from what people are used to, but they have some smarts in their design that will make a difference,” he said. “I think those that have been around the industry for a while will see it and get those finer points straight away.”•

For more information about the LT200HPX, the LT220GP and other plant in the Lokotrack range, visit

This article also appears in the March edition of Quarry Magazine. 

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