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Precisionscreen produces uncompromising belt scrapers



Precisionscreen has released a long-lasting polyurethane scraper blade designed for maximum wear life and productivity owing to its Australian design and manufacture. 

The scraper can be easily assembled to suit most belt widths on a variety of machines with a few attachments. The polyurethane blades maximise efficiency and eliminate material build up on rollers.

The primary head scraper features a 93 shore high grade polyurethane blade to suit most applications. It utilises a simple internal “rubber rope” tensioning system for easy maintenance.

The standard blades are 150mm wide but can be cut to any length as the blade itself is not reliant on bolts to hold it in place therefore scraper widths can be tailored to exact customer specifications.

The unique Precisionscreen rubber rope tensioning system is a clever design in that it not only holds each individual blade in place without the use of bolts but it also tensions the scraper without the need for external spring tensioners.

There is no compromise on quality with Precisionscreen units as all shafts and scraper clamps are electro plated as standard and the Poly blades themselves are of a high grade polyurethane composition in 93 shore hardness maximising scraper life. The Precisionscreen scraper is the strong, effective belt cleaning system for all conveyors.

Visit Precisionscreen’s website to learn more.

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