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Growing with the pandemic


Charles Pratt is the Operations Manager at Kinder Australia, a national supplier and manufacturer of conveyor and bulk materials handling products. He outlines why Kinder has grown in the pandemic.

How did Kinder Australia perform in the pandemic?

We grew our business throughout COVID. Our biggest change was going paperless. The warehouse remained open but the rest of the business became more efficient.

Another reason we grew our business is because Kinder has a high profile and excellent visibility across internet platforms.

Has the pandemic changed the way Kinder now does business with quarry customers? 

It has changed the dynamic. However, we’ve adapted. Teams and Zoom have made it easier to communicate. We’ve set up virtual showrooms – and a display in the office with cameras, so we could conduct training and other sessions remotely.

Which of your products are most popular in the quarrying industry?

Our slip, slide and flow shield range of products, including anti-wear products. Our belt cleaning and belt tracking products can reduce waste by cleaning conveyors better – and also by keeping belts tracking straight. 

What programs and services does Kinder offer beyond the installation of key plant?

We offer conveyor maintenance training, and conveyor safety training. Kinder customers have access to training, either on-site at Kinder, via webinar, or at the customer’s site. 

For more information about Kinder Australia’s products and services, visit kinder.com.au

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