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Connecting on a common understanding of quarrying


Debbie MacDonald is the National Business Development Manager of Polo Citrus. She outlines how the company has worked closely with quarries to improve their dust emissions and water management.

How has Polo Citrus performed during the global pandemic? 

The pandemic has had mixed results. In early 2020, people were gun-shy about spending. Since late 2020, when quarries became drier and dustier, our business hasn’t stopped.

We couldn’t visit customers but the pandemic gave us time to focus on our online coverage and build relationships through social media, blogs, phone calls and email.

What are your most popular products?

Polo BDS is number one for crushing and screening applications. Our other dust suppressants include Haulage DC, Road Con for roads and Dust Bind.

What support does the company provide beyond your core products? 

Our focus is on our customers, building relationships and connecting on a common understanding of quarrying. We have a comprehensive servicing option with minimal costs and our reporting system provides an emailed record showing before and after results and completed repairs. 

Polo Citrus national business development manager, Debbie MacDonald.

What innovations are your products adopting to control dust and save water? 

We’ve monitored water consumption through our foaming unit, minute by minute. It has been extremely successful with a consistent approach to dust control. To complement our improved equipment, we are commencing an R&D project to assess if we can change our concentrated Polo BDS to a super-concentrate, thus reducing product usage.

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This content appears in January’s ‘Industry Leaders’ issue of Quarry Magazine. 

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