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Delta Rent


Phillip Agius is the General Manager of Delta Rent, Australia’s largest supplier of modern, low hour hire plant and equipment. He predicts rental plant and equipment will play a vital role in assisting quarries to meet future construction materials demand. 

How has Delta Rent performed during the global pandemic? 

While Delta Rent was affected by state and industry shutdowns, the demand for rental equipment did not decrease, due to equipment shortages.

What are Delta’s most popular products?

Delta Rent provides a variety of machinery across numerous applications.  In the past 24 months, we have seen increased demand for larger rigid trucks and excavators.

Why should quarries hire plant and equipment rather than “try and buy” gear from OEMs/dealers?

The deployment of heavy plant and equipment is high risk and capital intensive. It also requires specialist skills, logistical systems, insurance, and operating licences – all of which Delta Rent can provide. 

Our extensive experience and specialised focus in providing a one-stop option for site and project management is what we aim to pass onto our customers.

Delta Rent General Manager, Phillip Agius.

What will be the industry’s major challenges in the next three years? 

It is likely to be the sourcing of qualified key personnel/skilled workers as well as acquiring new plant and equipment due to shortages and shipping delays. 

Using our vast network across Australia to access skilled personnel will enable us to provide the goods and services the quarrying industry needs to address this challenge.

For more information about Delta Rent, visit deltagroup.com.au/rent

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