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Holcim recognises value of Indigenous community


Holcim has unveiled its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to improve retention and support of Indigenous Australians within the business and across its supply chain.

The RAP outlined how the company will uplift Indigenous communities and in turn see the benefits that inclusivity and diversity can have on a company.

Holcim chief executive officer said more than 2.3 million people now work in an organisation with a RAP and Holcim was proud to join a swelling crowd.

“Holcim has operated in Australia for more than 100 years and today runs more than 250 sites which generate building materials that support construction of new homes, hospitals, schools and roads,” he said.

“Today we acknowledge our commitment to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the traditional owners of the lands upon which we operate.”

The plan comes in four steps: Relationships, Respect, Opportunities, and Governance.

The first two involve actions Holcim will take outside of its business, such as advocacy, donations and sponsorship. Opportunities and Governance, however, centre more on the internal workings at Holcim.

Opportunities will involve a focus on retention and professional development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, while building an understanding of their importance to the company and community.

Governance will finalise the RAP up with one action being to “Build accountability and transparency through reporting RAP achievements, challenges and learnings both internally and externally.”

Each of the RAP’s action points have their own timeline, with the latest of which being January 2023, at which point another RAP will be developed to continue the company culture.

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