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National sales and hire business partners with local software automation experts


John Andersen is the co-owner of Crusher Screens Sales & Hire, based in Yatala, Queensland, but whose service is nationwide. He discusses the products and services unique to his business, including Australian designed and manufactured software and automation systems for local conditions.

How has Crusher Screens Sales & Hire (CSS&H) performed in the past 20 months (during the global pandemic)? 

Our sales and hire business has held up well but missed a couple of opportunities through a lack of machines arriving on time. This is due to the pressure the manufacturers are under, waiting for parts and shortage of employees in the UK. Shipping delays are still causing problems and shipping costs have increased dramatically, adding to large increases coming through on all new plant.

Has the pandemic dramatically changed the way CSS&H now does business with the Australian extractive industries?

Not really, it is still about having plant the clients want in a strong market, offering service and back-up. The pandemic has affected at times the ability to have fitters on site due to travel restrictions. 

What are some of the most popular mobile crushing and screening products in the Australian extractive industries at present?

There is a shortage of mobile crushers and screens in Australia, with pre-owned units obtaining top money due to new ones not being available.  This won’t come right for some time with the pipeline of projects coming on stream.

What would you consider are some of CSS&H’s most popular products? 

Our company is the Australian distributor for IMS from Ireland which specialises in pugmills, blenders and support plant such as feed hoppers,  conveyors, etc. Regulation requirements have tightened up on material product specifications and IMS offer a range of pugmills and blenders, both mobile and fixed electric, that produce accurate product and moisture control to main roads specs for the construction and remediation industries. We offer the option of fully automated plant with Australian designed and manufactured PLC and recording systems.  

Does the company offer programs, services and advice that go beyond just the installation of key plant, equipment, and products? Why should quarries utilise these services? 

Our company is always looking to offer operator-friendly plant and services that provide an advantage for the client to improve their productivity and product quality, which will improve their advantage in the market. Automation of plant offers a big step in that area of reducing human error and improving product quality by producing a constant product for their clients which at times may prove the difference winning a contract from their competitors.

What kind of innovations are your products adopting to save time, cost, conserve energy and achieve zero waste? 

As mentioned, we are putting a lot of time and resources into automation, by having an Australian-developed software automation company not only offer local support but adapt the software to better suit Australian conditions and specifications, along with any specific requirements the client may require to achieve the best result of their plant.

What do you believe will be major challenges for the Australian extractive industries in the next two to three years?

If you are lucky enough to be in a demand area, you may have the lack of skilled operators, plant availability and handling of inflation costs that is flowing through the industry at present.

 How can CSS&H best assist the extractive industries with meeting these challenges? 

Automation will help reduce labour shortages and can support the development of unskilled operators by reducing errors while still producing a specified, essential product. Good times are often more difficult to manage than slow times, due to the pressure on cost increases and shortage of experienced employees and resources. 

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This article appears in January’s ‘Industry Leaders’ edition of Quarry Magazine.

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