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Latest Liebherr models lift wheel loader standards


Liebherr has increased the performance, productivity and safety of the resources sector with the launch of three new wheel loaders.

Liebherr is modernising the three largest wheel loaders in its inventory with the new L 550, L 566 and L 580 models, by adopting new technology that forms the basis for various intelligent features.

Increasing the tip load, bucket sizes and engine power are some of the most important innovations, and the wheel loaders also feature a new electro-hydraulic pilot control.

Wolfgang Rottensteiner, Liebherr’s head of sales for the wheel loader series, said customer consultation was key to improving the range.

“We also analysed our international customers’ demanding wheel loader operations over a long period,” he said.

“This included observing different mining operations around the world, some in Africa and South America, coal handling in India and timber work in Russia.”

The new wheel loaders feature Liebherr’s hydrostatic travel drive, which is renowned for its great efficiency and increases in engine power – approximately 17 per cent for the L 550.

Liebherr has three lift arm versions on offer for the new models;

  1. The Z-bar kinematics, which come to the fore particularly in the lower lifting range and for the break-out force.
  2. The industrial kinematics, which have been designed for working with heavy working tools such as high dump buckets and log grapplers.
  3. The high-lift lift arms – an extended version of the Z-bar kinematics with the longest lift arms in this wheel loader segment.

The electro-hydraulic pilot control enables operators to perform individual adjustments on the new wheel loaders, where they can set lift limitations and maximum tilt-out heights, thus reducing the risk of accidents in areas where space is restricted.

Liebherr has also invested in the operational reliability of the new wheel loaders by installing larger axles than were fitted on predecessor models.

The new wheel loaders have a reversing camera, which is installed in a protected position in the engine bonnet, that assists the machine operator to keep an eye on the area to the rear.

The new wheel loaders meet the most recent emission regulations for the respective target region.

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