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US construction firm makes history with first hauler purchase


US-based equipment dealer Easton Sales and Rentals and its client Linco Construction have registered a notable moment in construction equipment history, with the sale of the first ever Rokbak articulated haulers globally.

The Rokbak brand launched on 1 September, 2021 as part of the Volvo Group, with its RA30 and RA40 articulated haulers built at the company factory in Motherwell, Scotland.

Easton Sales and Rentals has sold a package of two RA30 models sold to Linco Construction, a family-owned and operated company founded in Houston, Texas in 1992. Linco Construction has already put the Rokbak machines to work, helping with earthworks, underground utilities, and clearing work.

Although the Rokbak brand is new, Easton Sales and Rentals is a long-term partner of the company in its previous incarnation and was the 2020 Dealer of the Year. Jeff Udelson, the managing principal of Easton Sales and Rentals, was delighted to take delivery of the first Rokbak units.

“It’s a great honour for our company to get the first Rokbak articulated hauler and there was real excitement around the dealership when it arrived,” he said. “Rokbak has only been in existence a short time, but it’s built on the legacy of a company with a long history,” he said. “What’s most impressive about the new Rokbak brand is how clear it is to see what it stands for – hard work, performance, reliability, sustainability. It’s also backed by the Volvo Group so there’s no doubt about the quality or performance.

“It looks fantastic but a great exterior is just a small part of what makes these machines such excellent haulers,” Udelson continued. “They are unstoppable on site, and can power through anything a project throws at them. So you get unbeatable performance and durability but with a fuel-efficient design which means better ROI on the job.”

Steve Brown, the president of Linco Construction, said the design and performance of the Rokbak machines was a perfect match for his company.

“Our business is built on delivering quality work that is competitively priced and performed by experts, so these new Rokbak machines are ideal tools to help us do that,” Brown said. “They’ve only been at work for a few weeks, but we can already see they are workhorses. We have built relationships with our clients on our commitment, hard work and quality, and when we look at the Rokbak haulers, we see those same values shining through.”

The RA30 articulated hauler from Rokbak is suitable for construction sites, infrastructure developments and quarries. The 28-tonne unit offers a heaped capacity of 17.5m3 and is powered by a Scania DC9 engine, which develops gross power of 276kW and a maximum torque of 1880Nm. Its fuel-efficient engine is emissions-compliant and meets the requirements of the latest North American legislation with T4F.

The hauler’s EP320 transmission comes with eight forward and four reverse gears, with a top speed of 55km per hour, high overall gear ratio spread, equal ratio steps between gears and optimised gear shifting with partial load shifts. This adds up to lower fuel consumption, smoother gear shifting, better operator comfort and faster cycle times. Increased productivity and uptime, plus lower cost per tonne, are further boosted by the long-life transmission fluid, which increases the time needed between oil changes from 1000 to 4000 hours.

In addition to the two Rokbak RA30 units it has already received, Easton Sales and Rentals has a further three on their way to Texas. Two have been sold to JMC Equipment LLC, another Houston-based company, while the third will join the inventory fleet at Easton Sales and Rentals.

At its locations across Texas, Easton Sales and Rentals provides earthmoving equipment for hauling, trench digging, loading, grading and excavating to contractors in the construction and road building sectors. The relationship between Easton Sales and Rentals and Rokbak dates back more than two decades.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the enthusiasm our long-standing dealer partners in North America have shown for the new brand and are looking forward to working closely with them over the coming months and years as we establish Rokbak as the industry benchmark for performance, power and reliability,” Daniel Meara, the regional sales manager for Rokbak in North America, said.

In Australia, the distributor of the Rokbak product will be Porter Construction Equipment. Visit

For more information about the RA30 and the Rokbak products, visit

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