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Granite shortage causes US headstone headache


The United States’ Midwest region has become another victim of supply chain delays, this time in granite, as states like Missouri suffer from a shortage of cemetery headstones.

One local supplier, Joplin Granite Co, told KSN local news its lead times for headstones had stretched out past six months.

“The quarries are having their problem with the worker shortage, we are having problems with getting it from the quarries for those same reasons, and because of the situation with COVID and the excessive deaths. It is a complete supply and demand issue,” said manager Eric Green.

The lead time for a standard headstone used to be about one month, according to Green, but is now calling for the community to understand this won’t be possible for some time.

“We just need our families in our community to know that, yes, we’re doing everything that we can, but it’s kind of out of our hands,” he said.

“So, basically when a loved one needs to get their deceased loved one a headstone, just be aware there is that six month minimum time frame to get it done.”

Each headstone costs between $USD500 to $USD1000 ($AUD700 to $AUD1400), but these issues with supply and demand could see costs increase significantly.

There is no evidence this shortage has extended to Australian shores.

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