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Remote comms service solution


Active Weighing Solutions now offers a remote service solution allowing it to monitor and service its customers’ weigh control instruments without coming to site.

Active Weighing Solutions (AWS) has developed ways to provide the highest level of support amid the uncertainty of COVID-19 impacting on business travel.

Weighing problems can now be diagnosed, parameters changed, zeroed and span auto and calibration for optimal operation can all be performed remotely.

AWS’s remote comms service solution allows its weighing specialists to connect directly to customers’ weighing instruments from its office and perform service and support including:

  • Fault finding and breakdowns.
  • Routine calibration.

How does it work?

Remote log in – on demand or scheduled

AWS’s remote comms service solution utilises Telstra’s wireless 4G network and a dedicated wireless modem connected to the ModWeigh Controller Remote I/O module.  AWS specialists then log in using their proprietary diagnostic software to perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Once logged on, AWS service technicians can assess the weight signal and weighing equipment, operating parameters, be it loss in weight system, batch weigher, belt weigher or weigh screw, as examples.

With information coming through at about 100 times per second, the tool provides an accurate picture of the weighing activity and performance.

AWS weighing specialists have a live, virtual view of the instrument’s screen during operation, seeing alarms, monitoring individual load cells and EMC ModWeigh controller, and prepare reports with quantitative data from customers’ controllers.

More than one weigher on site?

If you have multiple weighing instruments on site, the modem and antenna components can be easily moved and connected to the controller for another weigher that requires service attention.

Time and cost savings

The remote comms tool gives you access to direct technical support of experienced expert technicians located in Melbourne without travel wait times and cost.

Separate from local area networks

If you have cyber security concerns, remote comms does not connect to your local area network, and operated within a VPN environment, so your IT security integrity is maintained.

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