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Epiroc tube drills down ‘somewhat of a game changer’


Epiroc has launched a new tube drilling system to allow for the straightest drill holes, even when rigs are applying maximum force. 

Unlike its predecessor, the Epiroc ET51 tube drilling system comes with only one tube type to simplify procurement and management, and it greatly outperforms traditional speed-rod systems. 

“Our new tube drilling system really provides a significant advantage for the operator,” Epiroc’s Tools and Attachment Division global product manager Veselin Donchev said. 

The ET51 tube drilling system allows for straighter and deeper drilling while field tests show that it provides up to 45 per cent longer service life, greatly improving personal safety for the operator through fewer shifts. 

“This is further enhanced by the fact that it comes with only one tube type making management and procurement a lot easier,” Donchev said. “It really is somewhat of a game changer.” 

Another positive aspect of  the ET51’s longer service life is that there will be fewer tubes manufactured in total over time, which in turn reduces the outtake of raw material and fewer transportations. 

“Sustainability and safety are important factors for us when developing new products and longer service life means less shifts which increases safety and improves our carbon footprint. It is a win-win for both us and our customers,” Donchev said. 

The system’s capability of extremely straight drilling is the result of a new tube design, a stiffer drill string thanks to the shoulder drive, a new coupling geometry and greatly improved bending endurance resulting in up to twice the strength of the previous T51 model. 

Lighter tube ends allow more energy to be transferred into the rock, and the advantage increases with each tube in the drill string, reducing the rate of penetration loss per tube, adding up to considerably deeper holes. 

Click here to learn more about the ET51.

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