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Wellington quarry to dig into north face of hillside



A hard rock quarry in Wellington, New Zealand will soon enter the final phase of quarrying to its north face, atop a hillside, to satisfy the city’s growing infrastructure needs.

The aptly named Kiwi Point Quarry in Wellington’s Ngauranga Gorge has supplied the city with road and construction materials since the 1920s, producing about 300,000 tonnes per annum.

Wellington City Council’s Transport and Infrastructure Manager Brad Singh said this phase of quarrying would open a window for the public to view the operation from a new angle.

“In many respects this is business as usual at the quarry except that people will be able to see work being done on the hillside,” Singh said.

“However, there should be no additional disruptions for residents and businesses in the area.”

The clay removed to access the hard rock will be placed in an existing pit at Kiwi Point, while the hillside will be revegetated and hydro-seeded upon completion of the works.

The longevity and location of the quarry has made it a key ingredient to the city’s growth.

Head of the Council’s Infrastructure Committee Sean Rush said the quarry ensured such growth was affordable for Wellington.

“The quarry’s central location makes it convenient and cost-effective for the city. If we had to bring in aggregate material from outside Wellington, construction costs would skyrocket,” Rush said.

The quarry is owned by the Council and has been operated by Leach Kiwi Point since June – before which time it was a Holcim operation.

Once the north face hillside is depleted, the operation will gain access to the south side, allowing for Wellington to continue its growth well into the future.

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