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West coast quarry EPA approved in Tasmania


The Tasmanian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has recommended the approval of the Heemskirk quarry expansion in Granville Harbour, affirming the extraction of 30,000 more tonnes of dolerite.

The original environmental effects report by Gaspersic Contracting in mid-2017 proposed the extraction of almost 20,000 tonnes of dolerite gravels and aggregates per annum, on a mining lease of 2ha.

Under the proposed 40-year mine life, the eventual area of disturbance will expand to 5ha as the quarry continues to build off the west coast of Tasmania.

EPA deputy director Cindy Ong said the recommendation had been provided for Gaspersic, pending a number of conditions.

“Various environmental issues were considered by the Board in its assessment, particularly the presence of a threatened orchid species, and roadkill risk for Tasmanian Devils,” Ong said.

“These issues will be addressed through conditions requiring pre-clearance surveys, and limiting cartage truck movements to daylight hours only, respectively.

“Other conditions imposed are standard for EPA-regulated quarries, such as waste and blasting management, sediment control and rehabilitation requirements.”

While truck movements will only occur during the day, as per the EPA’s recommendation, these movements will increase, as outlined in the proposal’s Environmental Effects Report (EER).

“A conservative payload for a truck and trailer combination is 30 tonnes,” the EER stated.

“At maximum capacity the quarry will produce 2667 loads per year or 5334 movements. It is likely that the demand will be greater during the construction season – from September to April.

“During this period, it can be expected that quarry traffic will increase to 30 movements per day.”

A public consultation period occurred from 4 to 18 September, with one submission made in relation to traffic impacts.

The proposal will now be assessed by the West Council with the EPA’s recommendation in consideration.

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