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Graphene strengthens roads, runways and other asphalt surfaces



First Graphene has developed a graphene-loaded carrier masterbatch to improve the strength of roads and asphalt surfaces, becoming the first to commercialise such a product.

PureGRAPH MB-EVA Bitumen expands upon First Graphene’s range of masterbatch products, further exposing the company to the highly valuable road infrastructure industry.

First Graphene managing director and chief executive officer Michael Bell said this range of products was seeing increased interest across a range of applications.

“PureGRAPH MB-EVA Bitumen further extends the company’s masterbatch range to cater directly for another major global industry, which is valued at more than $USD60 billion ($AUD81 billion) with a strong growth trajectory predicted over the coming years,” Bell said.

“First Graphene’s masterbatch products are designed to enable easy incorporation of PureGRAPH enhanced carriers into common materials without the need for specialist equipment or significant changes to production processes.”

The PureGRAPH range comes in a range of platelet sizes and can be ordered in a range of tonnages to meet various applications.

Other recent PureGRAPH applications have included graphene enhanced gloves, while the MV-EVA product has also been tested in plastic and rubber applications for similar benefits of strength.

Bell said the company would continue to search for more ways to add value to various markets using graphene-based products.

“The company continues to work with industry to develop solutions, educate manufacturers on the many benefits of graphene and therefore build faster paths to market,” Bell said.

PureGRAPH comes in a range of sizes and tonnages.
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