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Glendun gets it done with formative partnership


To grow its business from the ground up across a majority of mainland Australia, Glendun Group has put its trust in a name synonymous with reliability and performance. 

The near 10-year-old contractor has recognised that to be the best you must surround yourself with the best, and for Glendun that is Terex Finlay crushing and screening equipment. 

No job has been too big or small for Glendun since 2012, conquering the Toowoomba By-Pass and a range of other hard rock, soft rock, sand and gravel jobs across Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia. 

Glendun manager Sarah Emery said the Terex Finlay equipment was a terrific calling card for the business. 

“We are producing in excess of 240,000 tonnes a month in-quarry, across Australia. The Finlay equipment is very reliable, operator-friendly, and extremely mobile,” Emery told Quarry.

“Their mobility allows us to move in and out of a blast area all within a couple of hours, ensuring our downtime is minimised and we’re able to get work done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.”

Such efficiency is appreciated of Glendun by a raft of major Australian construction material providers such as Hanson, Holcim, Hy-Tec, Mt Marrow Blue Metal Quarries and Boral. 

Emery said the team at Glendun was satisfied working with Terex Finlay equipment, as the machines were equally as reliable as the people behind the design and deployment. 

“We have a strong reputation based upon our fully qualified staff, with a great understanding of the equipment they’re working with,” Emery said.

“They love [the Terex Finlay equipment], it’s their bread and butter. They’re really comfortable with it, owing to how user-friendly it is and if they have a problem, they can just call up Finlay and get a better understanding or spare part if they need.”

The relationship with Finlay Screening & Crushing Systems, the east coast distributor of Terex Finlay mobile crushers and screens, allows Glendun to keep up and about while the Finlay boffins put in the hard yards behind the scenes. This extends from advice and support to on-call parts delivery. 

“If we come across a new spec which hasn’t been asked of us before, they will come to site or pick up the phone and work through all our processes from drilling to screening,” Emery said.

“They’re really good at going the extra mile – we’ve had times where one of their team will jump in a car and bring us the spare part as we need it.”

Glendun crushes in-quarry for big jobs like the Toowoomba By-Pass.


The relationship spans as far back as Glendun does, when an ex-Finlay sales manager left the company to become a director for the promising contractor.  

Finlay Crushing & Screening’s sales and hire manager Ron Bustard said both companies see the connection as more than just a sales opportunity and their trust enables a more reliable service for Glendun customers. 

“We’ve supplied Glendun north of 40 pieces of mobile crushers – jaws, cones, screens and impactors,” Bustard said.

“It wasn’t just a sale, our partnerships are set up as a service and to build our customers up and support them through to success.”

Some Finlay customers have been known to get up to 25,000 to 30,000 hours out of single machines. It’s reliability like this which allows Glendun to go about its business knowing its future is secure with Finlay. 

Bustard explained how Finlay goes about its own business, supporting valued clients like Glendun. 

“For a lot of customers, especially when Glendun was starting out, we would go and look at a job in-person. I would help and decide what machines would get the job done, and what tonnages it would require so that they could price the job for their customer,” Bustard said. 

“We’d then help them get the machines up and running properly so that they were making spec and that’s what helped build the relationship into what it is today.”

Glendun’s unplanned downtime is kept to a minimum, due to companies like Finlay, as the distributor goes out of its way to solve any problem. 

“We’ve had the odd machine go down and may not have had the part in stock so we’ve stripped a stock or hire fleet machine for the part to get them up and running again,” Bustard said.

“I think we go above and beyond to make sure that they can continue running. We know that downtime is like burning money so we do whatever we possibly can for them.”

Glendun continues to optimise its processes with the latest technology, Emery said. 

As predictive maintenance becomes more of a necessity than a bonus offering, Glendun will look to combine its systems with Finlay’s for best effect. 

“The telemetry on Terex Finlay equipment allows us to track the machines here in our office. We can track their downtime and their idle hours to enhance our predictive maintenance capabilities,” Emery said.

“We’re now looking to integrate this into our own maintenance systems to gain real-time, automated analysis of all our machines.”•

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This article appears in the November issue of Quarry Magazine. 

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