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Holcim goes carbon neutral at new rail facility


Holcim has been instrumental in the construction of the Mindyarra rail maintenance centre in Dubbo, New South Wales, contributing 9000 cubic metres of carbon neutral concrete.

The concrete replaces some of the standard cement with industrial by-products like fly ash and blast furnace slag.

Any remaining embodied carbon from the concrete is offset by Holcim, ensuring no carbon is added to the atmosphere due to its production.

The use of the carbon neutral cement enacts Holcim’s commitment to sustainable building materials in New South Wales.

“Our ready-mix concrete Environmental Product Declaration is an Australian first that creates transparency and confidence on carbon reductions – and more options to make construction projects greener,” said Holcim chief executive officer George Agriogiannis.

The purpose of the $2.8 billion rail project is to support a new fleet of 29 bi-mode trains which run on overhead power (when running on electrified tracks) and will replace the previous XPT, XPLORER, and Endeavour diesel-electric models.

The facility will stimulate the regional economy, creating 200 jobs while under construction and 50 permanent jobs thereafter.

The facility will source 95 per cent of its low voltage power requirements from on-site solar panels, while 90 per cent of its water needs will be captured or recycled.

The Member for Dubbo Dugald Saunders said all elements of the facility were in line with an environmental stance from his government.

“The NSW Government is serious about reducing its environmental footprint, so to have Australian-first initiatives trialled in a regional centre like Dubbo is huge,” Saunders said.

Trains maintained at the facility will connect regional New South Wales with the east coast of Australia, including Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

The first of the new fleet will be running from 2023, with the entire fleet ramping up from then on.

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