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Biodegradable tool grease ideal for sustainable contractor


Rammer’s BIO Tool Grease for hydraulic rockbreakers has been developed in collaboration with customers across the extractive industries.

RHT Contracting founding director Mike Heddon has had a relationship with Rammer that stretches back into the mid-1990s. Upon these foundations, his company now trusts the experts at Rammer to develop a range of reliable products including its BIO Tool Grease – a biodegradable grease for hydraulic rockbreakers.

RHT formed in mid-2018 as Heddon returned from time away from the extractive industry to realise there was still plenty of work to be done across Western Australia.

RHT runs with a focus on safety and sustainability, owing to Heddon and his colleagues’ extensive history of mine and mill management.

The company has even grown to be responsible for the largest central discharge dam in the southern hemisphere.

Naturally, this ethos calls for investment in the best products available which can enable safe operations for RHT and its clients.

One such investment is Rammer’s BIO Tool Grease for hydraulic rockbreakers which has been developed in collaboration with customers across the extractive industries.

Heddon said he didn’t hesitate to switch out the old Rammer tool grease for the new biodegradable option.

“When it came out, they rang me straight away and said Rammer would be trialling it and asked if I wanted to try it. I said absolutely we do,” Heddon told Quarry.

Heddon’s extensive relationship with Rammer has kept him among Rammer’s first ports of call to experience new products.

His contact knew RHT would be keen on the grease, so long as it could tick one simple box.

“We run world’s best practice equipment,” Heddon said. “We keep up to date with the best available to us and if something comes out, we ask ‘will this make the job better?’

“We have a philosophy of constant improvement while always looking outside the square, no matter what we do for our clients. They then reward us in repeat work and longer contracts.”

RHT has reported no noticeable difference in the BIO tool grease compared to its non-biodegradable predecessor – just the same reliability the contractor has become accustomed to in Rammer products.

Competing bidegradable greases have seen high temperatures limit their effectiveness, which is important in hydraulic rockbreakers which can reach up to 1100°C.

Rammer’s BIO grease, however, manages to combat both high and low temperatures using a specially formulated lithium complex thickener.

Heddon said he trusted Rammer after visiting its facilities in northern Europe and witnessing the work that goes into the products.

“A big eye-opener for me was when I went to Rammer in Finland and saw how passionate they were about everything they do, and how serious they were about their environmental practices,” Heddon said.

“So, there was no hesitation about the product’s quality. If it’s got the tick of approval from a place like Finland, you know it’s good.”

The biodegradable nature of the tool grease allows for stress-free use in areas with strict regulations such as cities, underwater and where groundwater may present a risk of spreading any spills.

Heddon said the extra peace of mind that comes with being environmentally friendly is a bonus.

“Rockbreakers obviously run down and wear out eventually, which can lead to breakages or oil spillages in worst case scenarios,” Heddon said.

“But it’s just great to know that if there is ever an oil spill of any kind, there’s less worry as to how it might contaminate the environment.”

This responsible state of mind extends to every task undertaken by RHT. Whether it’s tailings dams, rehabilitation, crushing and screening or any of the company’s other services, safety and sustainability are both no-brainers.

Heddon said in this day and age there’s no reason these pillars of operation shouldn’t be front of mind.

“Sustainability is just like safety in our eyes,” Heddon said. “If we find ourselves working in an unsafe environment, we basically leave. It’s the same with sustainability.

“If you don’t move with the times, clients will move away from you, so it’s just another box to tick because it’s the right thing to
do. Just like you look after your health and safety, you look after the environment.”

Rammer BIO Tool Grease became available in Australia from the last quarter of 2021 via the Australian authorised Rammer dealer network.

Rammer has several dealers across Australia. These include GroundTec (New South Wales), Walkers Hammers (Victoria and Tasmania), QLD Rockbreakers (Queensland), Renex Equipment (South Australia and the Northern Territory), and Total Rockbreaking Solutions (WA).

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