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Wagners welcomes Boeing to Wellcamp Airport



Wagners has endorsed a new Boeing assembly facility at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport which presents an opportunity for the aggregates company to showcase its Earth Friendly Concrete and Composite Fibre Technologies.   

The Boeing facility is located within the Wellcamp Aerospace and Defence Precinct in Queensland, neighbouring Wagners’ Composite Fibre Technologies manufacturing facility.  

The new addition will be used to assemble the Boeing Airpower Teaming System and is expected to create around 300 jobs under construction.  

Wagners chief executive officer Cameron Coleman said the company has continued to improve its brand awareness in sustainable construction.  

“Wagners are well known for being suppliers of constructions materials and services, however, a large part of our business is focused on developing and delivering innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions for the construction industry,” Coleman said.  

These solutions include the Earth Friendly Concrete which substantially reduces the embodied carbon compared to ordinary concrete, saving 250 kilograms of CO2 per cubic metre. 

The aggregate uses waste products which help it contribute to the circular economy, ensuring no virgin quarried materials are sourced unnecessarily. 

Coleman said the values of the two companies aligned well and Wagners would look to find mutual benefits with its new neighbour.  

“To have the ability now to be able to showcase these materials in projects like the Boeing facility who share our vison in sustainable manufacturing, right in our back yard in Toowoomba, is something we are extremely proud to support,” Coleman said.  

“We look forward to exploring opportunities that this project may provide for Wagners and our region generally. This facility is going to provide significant benefit for our community, and we look forward to welcoming Boeing to Toowoomba.”  

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