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DGS and IGLR wheels the ideal solution


RIMEX has introduced the Double Gutter Service (DGS) Series and Integral Gutter Lock Ring (IGLR) Series wheels to reduce technician labour and decrease vehicle downtime.

On dump trucks, DGS wheels are fitted to the outer dual positions and IGLR wheels take the front and inside dual positions. These additions allow the tyres to guide over the wheelbase, making change-outs easier than ever.

These wheels also improve safety for technicians as the use of an impact wrench is removed and the two-piece lock ring system is lighter and easier to handle.

Compared to standard five piece rims, Rimex has stated that the DGS/IGLR five piece wheels can save 150 minutes for inside tyre replacement, while outside tyre replacement can be reduced by 135 minutes.

On the eight piece set, the DGS/IGLR Series save 80 minutes for inside tyre replacement and 65 minutes for outside tyre replacement, compared to the industry standard.

For more information, visit the RIMEX website:

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