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GC series excavators are not just trimmed down models

Caterpillar challenge


Thinking about right-sizing your fleet in an effort to keep costs down, but don’t want to sacrifice on performance? The good news is quarry producers can save with the Cat GC Series excavator, which offers cab comfort, ease of operation and fuel savings.

Caterpillar machines with the GC decal are designed to be economical and offer an attractive total cost of ownership. They are reliable, fuel-efficient and built to the same Cat production system standards. They are easy to operate and equipped with all of the brand promises supported by the Cat dealer network and services with Cat genuine parts and quality.

The Cat GC excavator product line-up offers a new value proposition for the more cost-conscious customers who do not want to pay for a solution they do not need. The GC range complements the traditional product offering Caterpillar calls its performance range, as well as Caterpillar’s technically advanced XE premium range, thus enabling customers to choose across a spectrum of machines that precisely matches their work and budget.

Much like the automotive industry offers different “trim” levels of the same car model, heavy equipment manufacturers are now providing similar options. Caterpillar has introduced several GC models in the past few years. These include excavators, medium wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks and soil compactors.


Caterpillar has stated that its customers in consultations had expressed a preference for earthmoving vehicles equipped with the latest technology to give their businesses a competitive edge or to compensate for a lack of skilled operators. Others also prioritised owning and operating costs over technology. The GC standard models deliver high performing machines that are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

When a producer chooses a GC machine, they will receive a well-designed product that offers high fuel efficiency and low owning and operating costs, all at an affordable price. GC models are reliable, with no compromises made in terms of quality or safety. They are built with the “same Cat DNA”, and have the best dealer network support. Caterpillar insists quality and reliability are not compromised.

The Cat GC models are ideal for applications that do not require the use of cutting-edge technology like grade control or on-board payload weighing. Therefore, a GC excavator is suitable in a range of applications, be it in construction, demolition or quarrying. The GC range also meets the emission standards without the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue).

Caterpillar machines with the GC decal are designed to be economical and offer an attractive total cost of ownership.


With the GC range, Caterpillar aims to set a new standard for customers who value reliability at a low cost per hour. As a result, the OEM is standing behind fuel efficiency to improve the producer’s return on investment get from their GC construction equipment. For example, if an extractive producer purchases a qualifying Cat excavator machine with Product Link enabled from a participating Cat dealer, and if they burn more than the committed fuel consumption thresholds, they will receive a parts credit from that dealer.

Full program terms and conditions including qualifying machines, program period, fuel consumption threshold calculations, fuel consumption measurements, parts voucher calculations and process for any reimbursement will be available from your local participating Cat dealer.

Caterpillar insists that right-sizing a fleet doesn’t mean producers have to compromise on their business concerns. Caterpillar’s range of GC solutions will be expanded across the product lines to better serve the market needs. The GC models offer producers dozens of options, and there will be a model with proven affordable, reliable and low cost per hour solution for your job and budget. 

Caterpillar dealers throughout Australia will be able to assist producers with making the best purchasing decisions. Caterpillar products are distributed by WesTrac (New South Wales, ACT, Western Australia), William Adams (Victoria and Tasmania), Hastings Deering (Queensland and the Northern Territory), and Cavpower (South Australia).•

For more information about the GC range, visit cat.com/en_AU/campaigns/awareness/new-gc-range.html

This article appears in the September issue of Quarry.

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