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Victorian Regulator addresses flood risks in quarries



The Victorian Earth Resources Regulator has increased its presence and interest in flood management across the state’s quarries, communities, and associated infrastructure.

Working with operators, water managers and emergency agencies such as the State Emergency Services (SES) and the North East Catchment Management Authority, the Regulator has put particular focus into the state’s northeast.

The Earth Resources Regulator’s executive director Anthony Hurst addressed the need for responsible flood management.

“The operators of quarries in the northeast have been proactive in addressing the risks associated with rising water levels in the Hume Dam,” Hurst said.

“Where notices have been issued, we’ll continue working with operators to ensure appropriate flood plans are developed, approved and implemented to maintain safety at quarries and the areas surrounding them.”

Hume Dam was complete in 1936 and became one of the world’s largest dams, holding more than 3000 gigalitres of water inside the 202-square kilometre Hume Lake.

In a positive example of flood management, Baxter Property Holdings installed a pipeline and pumps at its Wodonga site – 25km west of the Hume Dam – to ensure the controlled flow of water into a quarry pit.

The Regulator is regularly checking up on sites which may be at risk or require extra attention, ensuring plans are in place to minimise potential impacts of flooding.

“We’re in regular contact with local water managers, councils and emergency response agencies to manage risks associated with flooding in the state’s northeast to protect communities and infrastructure,” Hurst said.

The Regulator stated that flooding in 2016 to Victoria’s northeast inspired more significant action to be taken.

The flooding five years ago caused erosion, and threatened gas and electricity and residential properties.

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