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Rock processing division addresses quarrying needs


Sandvik has continued to march to the beat of its own drum, with the unveiling and growth of its Rock Processing Solutions business.

With a dedicated focus on rock processing solutions suited to the quarrying industry, this new business was announced at the start of the year to better support a portion of customers who deserved a stronger focus.

Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions’ (SRP) vice-president for sales in the Asia-Pacific region Caroline Robinson explained the thinking behind the new business area.

“The rationale behind the establishment of a new business area was to allow a fully customer-centric focus, pursue a growth journey, increase transparency and establish SRP as a significant contributor to the Sandvik group,” Robinson said.

“The main element that excited me with the change to the SRP business was how it would really allow myself and the APAC team to continue on our core objective of delivering customer-focused soutions.

“Typically, when we are engaging with SRP customers, they are primarily working in the crushing and screening plant.

“From an SRP perspective, this means that when we are recruiting and training, a lot of our focus is on understanding how quarries operate, how our team can understand quarry operators’ business goals, and finally, how Sandvik equipment can support them in achieving those goals,”

One specific product which has benefitted from the new business area is Sandvik’s range of cone crushers.

With a dedicated business area, Sandvik SRP representatives can really get to know who is using its products and in what applications, before matching them with the perfect crushing solution.

This is the benefit of offering 16 stationary, 13 tracked, and six wheeled cone crushers: there is sure to be one suited to every Australian quarry.

The range is tough, flexible and agile, according to Robinson, who described some of its key features.

“Sandvik cone crushers offer long life and reliability. They’re built with the highest quality materials and a proven design. The unibody mainframe guarantees optimal strength and less components requiring maintenance,” she said.

“Safety and sustainability also weighs heavily on how we develop our products.  Our crushers are manufactured using recycled materials in line with circular thinking.  “The subframes are designed and covered with floor plates to set-up a safe working area around the crusher.  Other tools such as lifting tools facilitate safe maintenance.”

The cone crusher range also has the technology to streamline quarry operations, such as Sandvik’s Automation Setting Regulation (ASRi) control system.

“ASRi comes as standard,” Robinson said. “It automatically controls the crusher in real-time to match variations in feed and material hardness.

“It maintains optimal crushing and protects the crusher from overloading by automatically regulating the closed side setting.”

In addition, Sandvik’s products remain adaptable, thanks to the Hydroset system and a range of options to suit the various needs demanded by the quarrying sector.

“Our Hydroset system protects against system overloads by letting tramp iron pass through the crusher before automatically returning to the original setting,” Robinson said.

“We also have a large range of crushing chamber solutions that are designed to meet our customers’ specific application.

“Our chambers are engineered to be the perfect fit for the application. This ensures that our customers are getting the right shape and size required, and ultimately allowing them to be more profitable.”

It’s features like these that underline Sandvik’s customer-focused attitude – from simplifying maintenance duties to consulting with customers to find the right fit for purpose, Sandvik’s SRP business has made this multinational manufacturer feel relatable and reliable.

Caroline Robinson, Sandvik RPS’s Asia-Pacific region sales vice-president.

Robinson said such attitudes were at the heart of the business.

“At the foundation of what we do, we want to build collaborative relationships with our customers.  We want to understand our customer’s problems and then if we have a product to help solve their problems, that’s where we want to be,” Robinson said.

Not even the noise of the competition can distract Sandvik from offering its reliable product ranges.

“I’m happy for our competitors to be themselves, but I want to be Sandvik,” Robinson said. “Part of being innovative isn’t about following the competition, it’s about listening to our customers and hearing what problems they have.

“Our goal is be the leader in the market rather than us following them.”

That competitive spirit doesn’t stop at the manufacturers, as businesses of all size work to maintain healthy quarries and the communities they serve.

Robinson also said Sandvik SRP appreciates what quarries are most concerned with.

“We know that total cost of operation is really important to the quarrying sector.  The quarries are very focused on cost-effective solutions, so Sandvik is always looking at developing and aligning its premium brand to customer’s needs,” Robinson said.

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This article appears in the September issue of Quarry Magazine.

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