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Wagners the Earth Friendly Concrete of choice for QLD homes



Wagners has helped Geoff Gibson Homes to build 15 houses in Queensland’s Darling Downs region with its Earth Friendly Concrete, saving more than 103.5 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Geoff Gibson Homes aims to increase its homes’ energy efficiency by 80 per cent for a 10 per cent capital input cost, upholding the business’s 30-year legacy of energy efficient construction.

For this reason, Geoff Gibson Homes chose the Wagner Group’s Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) because it can save 250 kilograms of carbon emissions for every cubic metre poured.

Wagners EFC general manager Jason Zafiriadis said the company couldn’t pass up an opportunity to support a respectable business like Gibson Homes.

“This was an opportunity for us to demonstrate the effectiveness and functional application of Earth Friendly Concrete in homes,” Zafiriadis said.

“We are aiming to have a positive impact on the environment, all while supplying our customers with an excellent product that has improved durability, lower shrinkage and higher flexural tensile strength.”

Geoff Gibson Homes has constructed 860 homes across the Darling Downs region in its 30-year history, with the last 12 focused on optimising their energy consumption.

Geoff Gibson Homes’ namesake director said it had been an extensive process to find the right material to fit his business’s standards.

“It takes 10 years to work off the embodied energy of the building materials that go into the original house construction,” Gibson said.

“I’ve trialled other products and applied an extensive range of sustainability measures, striving to achieve an outstanding environmental performance.

“However, when it comes to reducing the embodied carbon in constructions materials nothing compares to Earth Friendly Concrete by Wagners. It is superior and cement-free.”

All of Geoff Gibson’s homes have had at least a 7-star energy efficiency rating, with the most efficient build rating at 9.2.

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