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Polo Citrus expand dust suppression offering with Dust Bind

Dust Bind


While it’s best known for its foaming dust suppression system in the crushing process, Polo Citrus has other products to assist with dust control in the extractive industry. 

One such product is Dust Bind – a strong and pliable acrylic polymer-based product, easily diluted with water for ease of treatment in applications where wind-affected areas and dust lift-off is present.

Dust Bind applications include tailings dams, stockpiles, construction areas and any uncovered ground where a strong seal is required for the prevention of dust generation in wind-affected areas.

Dust Bind is a high quality acrylic polymer encrusting agent formulated to penetrate and bind soil, limestone and other particles to prevent dust liberation and drift.

Some of the key features of the Polo Citrus’ Dust Bind include:

  • A milky white colour coating on the stockpile that dries clear.
  • A dye that can be added for some sites, so they know which stockpiles have been coated.
  • A significant reduction in water requirements.
  • Once dry, it will not re-emulsify.
  • It is pH neutral.
  • It offers one application for extended protection

A Polo Citrus customer in road construction was working on a bridge and the reconstruction and alignment of roads in the area.

This customer decided to use Dust Bind with a green dye to keep a cut stable while also keeping dust in its stockpiled area.

All in all, Polo Citrus reported the customer was well satisfied by the product and continues to use it on other projects around the country.

The application of the Dust Bind product is simple and administered through a spray bar with a pump from a trailer, keeping costs to a minimum.

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