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UK quarry in focus for latest Mission: Impossible movie


A Derbyshire quarry in the United Kingdom has taken centre stage for the new Mission: Impossible film, providing a backdrop for a train derailment scene.

Teams had been building the set at Darlton Quarry for months before Hollywood star Tom Cruise and the rest of the film crew were able to watch a black steam train plummet off a cliff, falling dozens of metres to the quarry floor.

A local photographer – Instagram handle, villagerjim– captured the shot after months of patience.

“Waited five months for this shot … of the train in the new mission impossible movie going off the cliff!! Tom was there too, amazing day!!!” he posted.

In a Facebook comment, Villager Jim added it was a tense moment as the locomotive made the leap.

“Five blooming months with so many worries that I would miss it, feels like a massive weight off my shoulders to know I got it … I punched the air the moment the train disappeared,” he said.

The image went viral for Villager Jim, airing on the BBC’s nightly news, in his own local newspaper and on news websites the world over.

The movie – quarry included – will be the seventh chapter in the Mission: Impossible film franchise and is set for release in May 2022.

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