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Turnkey solution beamed live around the world



An Ireland-based readymix site has hosted a virtual tour of its full sand washing systems – conveyed live into the offices and homes of industry professionals around the globe.

Terex Washing Systems hosted a highly successful virtual “End to End Washing Solution” showcase, which was broadcast live from a Keohane Readymix site in County Cork, Ireland, on 22 June, 2021. 

The event showcased a full turnkey solution for washing and classifying to produce specification sand and aggregate for Keohane Readymix. A team of washing experts explained the different pieces of equipment that came together to form the bespoke plant and outlined how combined this washing system is proving to be a success for the customer.

Keohane Readymix, founded in 1979 by Paddy Keohane, is now a third generation company serving a broad customer base throughout Ireland with a range of concrete products, sand and aggregates. The washing solution is situated at its site at Brinny, County Cork, which feeds sand and gravel product to other Keohane Readymix sites in the region.

Viewers were taken on a journey from the start of the design process, which was determining the nature of the material to be processed. Johnston Patterson, the applications manager for Terex Washing Systems (TWS) explained: “The material is a natural sand and gravel deposit which, while fairly free-flowing, can get sticky and has some clay through it, as well as some organics, sticks and roots. The feed material is 60-40 sand to gravel and predominantly minus 150mm, but it can be up to 300 to 400mm. The typical percentage passing 63 micron (µm) is around 10 per cent.”

To get started with the process of designing the new plant, Keohane Readymix provided a sample of its material and instructed the team on what products it would like to make from it. This material was analysed in a Terex Washing Systems lab and from this analysis the team were able to propose a bespoke plant that would meet Keohane Readymix’s needs.

Viewers were then taken through the operational site, learning about the key features of each piece of equipment that make up the full plant – including a H30 feed hopper, an AggreSand 206, an AggreScrub 150, a deep cone thickener, a floc dosing unit, a central control panel and stockpiling conveyors. Viewers also saw how the plant uniquely features a freshwater tank buried beneath the machine to reduce its overall footprint.

This in-depth look at the inner workings of the entire wash plant allowed viewers to see the years of experience that have gone into the engineering of TWS. All aspects including the design, manufacturing and installation of the system were covered by TWS, which allowed for a truly integrated system.

Barry McMenamin, the business line director at TWS, explained: “Our team worked with the Keohane business in assessing the application and designing the plant that specifically suits their needs. They also helped to design the civil concrete works that the plant is seated on. A very unique and innovative feature here is the fresh water tank beneath the machine, within the plinth itself, demonstrating the extent to which this plant is tailored to the requests from the customer.”

TWS had a team of experts at Keohane Readymix to answer viewers’ questions.


Viewers also heard directly from Gavin Twohig, the operations manager of Keohane Readymix, on how the plant is performing. Speaking of his experience of the plant, Twohig said: “We’ve been very happy with the output of the plant. We had decided to put in a log washer system because of the cleanliness of the material. With the log washer on site it’s doing an excellent job and the chips are very clean”. 

Following the showcase, viewers were able to take part in a question and answer session with the washing experts. There were queries about maintenance access and more specific water management inquiries. Participants also asked about the potential for a filter press on a site where water is limited (similar to the situation at Keohane’s Brinny site) as well as ask about how a plant could be tailored for their site.

The digital format of this live event enabled TWS to bring one of its modular washing systems into the homes and workplaces of hundreds of participants in a single day. 

“In today’s world, where our customers are not able to be with us in person, we wanted to provide a ‘walk around’ of this operational site in the real world, explain the features of the equipment and show it in operation,” McMenamin said. “We believe this is the best way to give our customers a complete understanding of how we can provide an end to end solution tailored to their needs. The live event was a huge success – to be able to showcase a system that we’re massively proud of to such a large audience has been fantastic.

“No such installation or project would be complete without investment from a customer, and we are glad that Keohanes chose Terex Washing Systems as a partner for this project. We extend our appreciation to all at Keohane Readymix for enabling us to showcase their plant to the world, live from their site.”


To learn more about TWS or any of the machines featured in the End to End Washing Solutions Live Showcase, email Ben.Willcox@terex.com or visit terex.com/washing. For more information on Keohanes Readymix, visit keohanereadymix.com


This article appeared in the August issue of Quarry Magazine.

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