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Metso Outotec educates industry on minerals processing


Metso Outotec has released a comprehensive handbook on the practices of minerals processing and materials handling.

The 12th edition of the Basics in Minerals Processing Handbook outlines not only the way minerals are processed and handled but the plethora of equipment on hand.

Amid a skilled worker shortage across Australia’s west, it is skills such as these which can turn a business around.

“The intention is to give technicians involved in mineral operations practical and useful information about the process equipment used, their systems and operational environment,” the handbook states.

“The technical data given are basic, but will increase the understanding of the individual machines, their functions and performances.”

The hazards of dust, noise and wear are also discussed within its downloadable pages, to ensure the extractive industry can achieve its increasingly prioritised safety goals.

Metso Outotec’s expertise in the area of minerals processing was seen recently as it added a forged head to its range of Nordberg crushers.

The Xtreme head adds extra durability to any crusher in an industry which makes a living off reliable rock crushing equipment.

Chad Smallwood, Metso Outotec’s senior vice president for crushing products, said customers had a complete range of options at their disposal.

“Metso Outotec now has a complete range of crusher heads in the portfolio and our customers can choose the level of durability based on their application and needs,” Smallwood said.

“The new Xtreme forged head is the most reliable crusher head in the industry. The OEM design ensures optimal crushing even where equipment may be pushed beyond design limits.”

The Basics in Minerals Processing Handbook can be downloaded here.

More information about forged head alternatives for cone crushers can also be found at the Metso Outotec website.



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