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Sydney’s Atlassian tower wins Holcim sustainability award



The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction has handed out its sixth round of awards, with Sydney’s Atlassian Central tower winning a bronze award for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Among the most prestigious architecture competitions, the Holcim Awards recognised the Atlassian Central blueprint for promising innovative construction and environmental performance.

The tower is planned to be constructed between 2021 and 2024-25, using a hybrid steel/concrete/timber structure.

Holcim Australia and New Zealand chief executive officer George Agriogiannis said the tower represented Holcim’s commitment to sustainable construction.

“For the first time, an Australian project has won a major prize in the Holcim Awards competition. Sustainability and innovation is a core value at Holcim,” Agriogiannis said.

“That’s why we encourage the world’s best architects, designers and engineers to push the boundaries of what’s possible to make construction greener, smarter and better for all.

“The Holcim Awards shine a light on some of the world’s most ground-breaking sustainable design projects.”

The building design aims for a 50 per cent embodied carbon reduction, which head of the Awards jury Nirmal Kishnani said was a major factor in its recognition.

“Atlassian Central goes beyond being an energy-efficient high-rise building: it is a new proposal for liveability in contemporary cities,” Kishnani said.

“It successfully combines structural, environmental and programmatic elements to achieve not only outstanding energy performance, but an indisputable aesthetic character.”

The tower could be a blueprint for cities of the future, according to the jury, who said the tower exceeds energy-efficient specifications and provides a new concept for urban living.

The authors of the tower proposal stated the tower considers human and environmental needs.

“The new high-rise building of Atlassian is going beyond star rating systems and claims to be a game-changer for low-carbon construction, high comfort and low energy consumption throughout the whole life cycle,” the authors of the tower’s proposal stated.

The first Awards were handed out in 2005 and this year’s winners will be announced in November.

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