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Hanson to make alterations to plan for White Rock Quarry



Hanson Construction Materials must make significant alterations to its Mine Operations Plan review for its White Rock Quarry in Horsnell Gully, 10km outside Adelaide.

Hanson submitted the Mine Operations Plan (MOP) review to the South Australian Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) in late December 2020, after a significant community consultation process.

The company then received notice from the DEM that it must re-submit a plan which better considers the risk and scope of the mine life extension.

“Following submission of a Mine Operations Plan (MOP) on 23 December 2020, the Department for Energy and Mining has carefully assessed the MOP,” a statement on the DEM website reads. “Government has determined that alterations are required and additional information necessary to enable further assessment of the proposed future operations of the White Rock Quarry.”

Hanson stated its consultation with all relevant stakeholders was very positive.

“All landowners immediately adjacent to White Rock Quarry were invited to attend information sessions held in October 2020 in relation to the Mine Operations Plan Review,” the company explained in a statement received by Quarry.

“State Government representatives, local councils and various other interest groups were also invited to these sessions.”

The quarry has been in operation since 1946 and under Hanson’s ownership since 2007.

The DEM stipulated the areas in which Hanson was required to provide more information in the new MOP review.

“This involves analysing potential areas of impact including air quality, noise, blasting, public safety, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage, native vegetation and fauna, groundwater, surface water, hours of operation, visual amenity, traffic impacts at the mine access points, and third party property,” the DEM stated.

Hanson has also released a letter to residents and businesses dated July 2021, which provides relevant stakeholders with an update on the progress of the MOP review.

“As a result of consultation to date, and in tandem with our continuing review, we have already taken the decision to reduce the planned operational footprint of the quarry,” Hanson stated in the letter.

“In addition, we have made a commitment to bring forward rehabilitation works, including the planting of native species across part of the southern and eastern faces of the site.”


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