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In search of a portable vehicle weighing system



Weighbridges are a big investment, time-consuming to construct, and difficult, if not impossible, to transport elsewhere. To conquer this, NWI Group has developed the SPT-28.

The SPT-28 is a unique solution which facilitates fast installation and allows the weighbridge to be easily moved to another site as required.

This modular surface-mounted weighbridge supports weighing vehicles of up to 80 tonnes. It packs a very low height, a high resistance to corrosive elements and is NMI Trade Verifiable.

The deck system incorporates hinges that allow half-panel rotation so that the weighbridge can be easily transported.

For further ease, the SPT-28 comes fully assembled, complete with all its component parts, including the load cells, so users aren’t wasting any time getting started.

NWI prides itself on its transparency and reliability, and calls for its customers to provide feedback about the challenges faced on-site.

The SPT-28 in a folded position.
Image: NWI Group

The company’s knowledgeable staff are keen to discuss how the SPT-28 could be the right solution for its customers.

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