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Tricon supplies demand with adaptable trommel



The M518R trommel, manufactured by MDS International, is becoming a regular fixture of the recycling aggregates market, particularly as Australian industry embraces opportunities to develop substitutes for conventional quarry products. 

In a strong partnership which crosses oceans, Tricon Equipment has trusted MDS for two years to deliver the best in equipment for the extractive industries. 

Tricon managing director Michael Tripolone has lauded the Irish supplier for its ability to fulfil the demands of Tricon’s Australian consumer base. 

“We’re quite fortunate to have such a strong relationship with MDS,” Tripolone told Quarry. “They’re an innovative and fast-growing company and we’re proud to represent MDS and distribute their machines throughout Australia. 

“They’re receptive to our customers and our own needs which reflects in the new machinery that they design and manufacture. MDS have been quite supportive in expertise and information which helps us to deliver great customer service.”

Fresh off the manufacturing line for MDS is the M518R, capable of screening aggregates for soil, sand, gravel, overburden and general waste. 

In bygone years, just about any material which would have been tossed aside now has a chance at a a second life. Just give technology and the industry’s resourcefulness a minute to think and that clean fill you thought wouldn’t see another day might just find a home. 

With an overall reduced height of 3.14 metres, the M518R recycling trommel can be hauled on low body trailers without the usual headache of obtaining special permissions to transport.

“The MDS M518R is a compact track trommel that still packs a lot of punch. Its sleek design means that it can be easily transported where its competitors cannot,” Tripolone said.

“It was built with mobility in mind. The machine is built on tracks which allows for quicker set-up time and easier loading onto transport.”

A great benefit of this machine is the three styles of drum, thanks to MDS’s innovative design.

The mesh drum, punch plate and changeable screen-type drums each allow for their own material size. The mesh drum can process materials from 1mm to 20mm, the punch plate drum has opening sizes of 5mm to 10mm, and the changeable screens drum can accommodate between 50mm and 150mm material. 

“The M518R is equipped with a hydraulic drum removal system which allows customers to easily change the configuration of its drums,” Tripolone added. “This means that customers can make different grades of products using the same unit. It also expands the applications the unit can be used in.”

Products like the M518R have seen an increased uptake, as environmental standards have risen in recent years, and great numbers of projects involving recycled aggregates have been initiated across Australia.

Tripolone agreed all kinds of clients have approached the business with interests in turning waste to revenue. 

“As a supplier of equipment that helps to create recycled aggregates, the industry is quite important to Tricon,” he said. “We have seen an increase of inquiries from construction companies looking for machines that can turn their waste into aggregates or are looking for other solutions. 

“The demand is quite varied. We see inquiries from smaller construction businesses and even some farms to bigger projects for mines and quarries. 

“At Tricon we carry a wide variety of equipment so the demand for products is diverse. However, we have seen a great response to the MDS range of products.”

An MDS spokesperson spoke positively on the contribution Tricon has made to MDS’s distribution efforts.

“Our partnership is growing from strength to strength. We are proud that Tricon represents the MDS brand,” the spokesperson said. “We have a fruitful relationship that is driving our sales forward by covering all of Australia. We share the same values when it comes to delivering great customer service and delivering on a top performing product.” 

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