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Pinnacle Hire reduce water supply cost by thinking outside the hose

Pinnacle Hire


Pinnacle Hire has recently inspected a pump application for water supply in Gippsland, Victoria – and helped the client ease a hefty diesel bill from inefficient hose applications. 

The client was hiring a 100mm (4”) high head pumpset to pump water from the supply dam at the lower boundary of the property up to the wash plant.

This included a 600m run of 100mm layflat hose with a rise of 30m. So, with friction losses coupled with the static head, the high head style pump was being used.  However, being a high head pump it had a large 4.4-litre diesel engine whose fuel demands were excessive.

On top of this, the pump was on an open skid unit without silencing, which meant it could not be run through the night, and the overall processing capacity of the wash plant was lost.

To solve this challenge, Pinnacle Hire conducted a site inspection to carefully analyse all factors and reveal the high friction losses caused by the long run of the 100mm hose.

The pump and hose specialist replaced the 100mm hose with a 200mm (8”) layflat hose, which dramatically reduced the friction losses and in turn the overall dynamic head which the pump had to handle.

This hose change allowed Pinnacle to swap out the 100mm high head pumpset for a standard 150mm (6”) dewatering pumpset.  This pumpset had a 2.2-litre diesel engine, dramatically reducing the fuel consumption, and thanks to its silenced canopy, it could also run day and night.

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