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Holcim deploys TAC for global emissions reductions



Holcim has begun implementing its Transport Analytics Centre across 50 markets and 1.4 billion kilometres of transport routes worldwide to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability in its operations.

The Transport Analytics Centre (TAC) – a digital logistics platform – will be placed into more than 60,000 Holcim trucks, tracking the company’s emissions and those of its third-party suppliers.

Holcim head of cement logistics Alexander Scheld said the TAC was just “good for business”.

“TAC’s digital analytics delivers state of the art logistics, reaching record performances from a safety and effectiveness perspective,” Scheld said.

“It also consistently delivers improved driver safety and lower emissions in line with our net zero ambition.”

The technology allows Holcim to track each truck individually using in-vehicle monitoring systems and integrating it with other locations such as ordering and dispatching systems.

Holcim wants to become a data-driven organisation, meaning technologies like TAC will become more and more a part of the multinational company’s everyday processes.

Holcim group chief information officer Jochen Werling said the system had been built specifically for Holcim but the premise should be taken on board by other businesses.

“With our extensive industry expertise and advanced technologies, we are developing cutting edge digital solutions that are tailored to our specific business needs,” Werling said. “TAC is a breakthrough for us as well as for our broader industry.”

Holcim has publicised its aim to reduce its Scope 3 emissions from transportation and fuels by 20 per cent from 2020 to 2030. This would reduce its annual total by 6.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions, down to 23.2 million tonnes per year.


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