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Choosing a mobile that outdoes the modelling


As Metso Outotec’s Australian distributor, Tutt Bryant Equipment is expected to provide knowledgeable support, a wide range, and quality service – a tall order for any business.  But after a quick chat with Tutt’s staff, it becomes clear they have all that and more. 

The Metso Outotec range of mobile crushers and screens makes sure to cater to all quarrying needs. Whether a quarry producer needs one machine or a whole fleet, Tutt Bryant Equipment (TBE) specialises in fitting the right equipment to the right customer. That’s according to TBE’s business development manager for Metso Outotec Paul Doran. 

Doran has been with the company for six years, about two-thirds of the time TBE has brought Metso products to the Australian marketplace, and has witnessed great uptake in the robust nature of Metso Outotec products. 

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Doran said TBE has managed to grow in unison with Metso’s range, thanks to a steadfast service team. 

“We have dedicated Metso technicians as well as other field service technicians who work in branches around the country to help in supporting our entire range,” Doran said. “Our account management team’s phones are on 24/7, so our customers can rely on them for anything.” 

TBE’s range of Metso Outotec crushers and screens are proving equally as reliable. Doran said a lot of customers are known to get more than 10,000 hours of uptime out of Metso Nordtrack and Lokotrack screens, while crushers of the same line have been known to reach from 20,000 to 40,000 hours. Doran put the durability of Metso products down to how they are assembled. 

“It’s primarily about the design,” he said. “Metso Outotec equipment is well designed, robust and the components are slightly larger than they need to be. The equipment is designed to handle the hard knocks and to provide a long, serviceable life. Our customers buy Metso equipment because they know it’s going to last. We consistently have high, serviceable hours on our machinery and that’s the way Metso Outotec designs them – to last.”

Of course, machine longevity depends upon the application. As each machine will be routinely and comprehensively maintained in the same way by TBE, the next major differentiation is how they are used. Metso’s range is designed to provide for all-comers – from larger operations requiring multiple machines to process bulk volumes of material to smaller businesses that are seeking to make a start with their very first machine. TBE will be able to assess each situation and provide the best option. 

Doran said the best way to choose the right machine is by using Bruno, Metso Outotec’s crushing and screening simulation software package. TBE will input a business’s productivity rates, quarry material and any other key variables to the software and run through a range of configurations until a customer is happy with the set-up. As a result, Doran said that most machines tend to outperform the software’s forecast.

“Most of the changes that you can make to a jaw crusher in the field, we can model with the Bruno software package,” Doran said.  “We can forecast the wear of the manganese components based on source rock properties, we can forecast the fuel usage or the electricity usage using a configuration to fit the customer’s requirements. So, it helps the customer build up a production cost for that specific configuration of equipment.”

Doran believed that Bruno is one of the biggest competitive advantages TBE customers are afforded when they choose Metso Outotec equipment. 

For those catering to a bigger operation with better machine monitoring technology, Doran suggested the Metso Lokotrack range. This high-tech brand of crushers and screens boasts a state of the art system for ensuring machines run to the quality as promised by TBE. 

“We have a fleet management system which you can access online from anywhere in the world,” Doran explained. “This helps you to schedule maintenance activities, as well as giving you regular service interval checklists, while allowing the user to order parts. 

“The other good thing about it is, if you have a fault on site, our Metso technicians can log onto your machine and have a look at previous parameter changes, faults or alarms from before the machine stopped. This helps to diagnose the root of what caused the machine to stop.”

The Nordtrack S2.11 mobile screen can handle large volumes of feed material.

Also available in Metso’s Lokotrack range, for those with good access to electrical mains or a capable generator, is Metso’s hybrid BiPower engine. These machines are said to operate over two whole shifts without needing to refuel, boasting impressive efficiency. 

Again, Doran stressed the Lokotrack range is most suited to a certain type of operation. 

“Hybrids are suited to a longer-term project. But if you’ve got good access to electricity, it’s certainly a better way of crushing. Electricity is cheaper than fuel and if you don’t have engine and hydraulic systems on your equipment then that’s less repairs and servicing costs, as well as less downtime for scheduled servicing,” Doran said. 

For those still unsure of where they stand in the range of Metso Outotec’s crushers and screens, Doran said he has some simple advice to show customers the way, and it actually doesn’t come from him. 

“The one thing I always do is to offer contacts of other owners of a particular type of machine,” he said. “There’s no better reference to the performance of your equipment than another customer’s comments about ownership.”

Some salespeople sell. Others, like Doran, offer and let the products do the talking. When it comes to Metso Outotec products, they will “talk” on, and on, and on. •

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