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Sandvik relocates to new Perth warehouse

Sandvik warehouse


Sandvik has signed a long-term lease to build a state of the art warehouse in Perth to consolidate its operations within the city.

The company stated that relocating its warehousing and workshop operations to Roe Highway Logistics Park will enhance its services for its Western Australian customers.

Sandvik’s logistics operations manager in the Asia-Pacific region, Niels Reuvers, said the purpose-built design of the warehouse will provide operational efficiencies and ensure Sandvik remains compliant with its Australian Truster Trader accreditation.

“We are aiming to streamline our operations through just in time delivery, faster in-bound processing and a higher level of dispatch accuracy due to warehouse automation,” he said.

“In addition, we are introducing new battery technology for the site and our materials handling system to make better use of the solar power we will be generating.”

The warehouse is in close proximity to Perth Airport, transport providers and local customers, which are some of the factors that attracted Sandvik to Roe Highway Logistics Park.

“Positioning the warehouse and workshop alongside one another will increase internal synergies, alignment and cross-functional collaboration – providing the best support to all of our Australian customers,” Reuvers said.

“The additional capacity will support the growing demand for around the clock service, qualified engineers and genuine parts on demand.”

The workshop is expected to be completed in September, while the warehouse will be commissioned in early 2022.

Sandvik’s sustainable business, marketing and communications manager for Asia-Pacific, Kate Bills, said the warehouse will also help Sandvik commit to its sustainability goals.

“We’re aiming to halve our CO2 footprint by 2030, so the new warehouse incorporates state of the art design elements to help us achieve this such as solar panels, green concrete and the use of low carbon building materials,” she said.

“For Sandvik, as an engineering company with a strong base in research and development, sustainability is a major business opportunity.

“When we develop more efficient, safer and more environmentally sound solutions, we take an important step alongside our customers and suppliers towards a more sustainable future.

“We’re excited to position ourselves at the Roe Highway Logistics Park, which will achieve carbon neutrality on development, making it Perth’s leading sustainable industrial estate.”

Boral lends a helping hand

Boral could play a large part in the Roe Highway Logistics Facility, as it was announced in April the company’s Envisia low-carbon concrete had entered the trial phase to test its viability at the facility.

Envisia replaces up to 53 per cent of the usual Portland cement without losing size, strength or durability. This is possible using a specially milled ground granulated blast furnace slag to reduce the embodied carbon content by 40 per cent.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has been responsible for funding the facility and has so far contributed $95 million on behalf of the Australian Government.

CEFC chief executive officer Ian Learmonth said the nature of the project provides a great opportunity for emissions reductions.

“The construction sector is a significant emitter of greenhouse gases and the lack of low carbon alternatives to traditional building material has so far made it difficult to abate,” Learmonth said.

“Exciting developments in low carbon construction materials are giving us the chance to accelerate decarbonisation, and success in this sector will help spur Australia’s transition to a low emissions economy.”

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