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Boral considers all-comers in rezone proposal

Boral is recruiting for quarry managers on a permanent basis in Dubbo NSW, Dunmore NSW, Moy Pocket QLD, Mount Bundey NT, and Deer Pack VIC.


Boral Cement has applied to rezone some of its operations in Maldon, New South Wales, opening up opportunities for employment and added vegetation conservation.

Boral’s current operations at Maldon, part of the Wollondilly Shire Council, manufacture, process and store construction materials.

The importance of the facility is expected to continue, as the Wilton growth area is under 10km away and will likely drive demand for Maldon’s construction materials.

A Boral spokesperson said the rezoning proposal was important for both the community and the surrounding environment.

“For the community, this re-zoning will mean more of Boral’s existing land holdings will be suitable for employment land use into the future, consistent with both Wollondilly Shire Council and NSW Government strategic plans,” they said.

“It will also mean the densely vegetated and steep western portion of the site will become Environmental Conservation Zone, protecting it from future development.”

Additionally, Boral may seek to create more jobs on the 22ha site, and the proposal’s approval will be integral to that end.

“For Boral, this re-zoning is the first step in enabling further employment opportunities adjacent its existing operations,” the spokesperson said.

“This may include expansion of existing facilities or the development of new operations, either of which would be subject to separate planning approvals.”

The company welcomes comment from the local council and community, actively engaging with both to ensure a smooth process.

The spokesperson said Boral could see far more upside to this proposal than downside, for all parties involved.

“Given the merits of the application and the consistency with both local and NSW Government strategy for employment growth in the region, we consider the application should be supported and ultimately approved,” the spokesperson said.

“We have written to our immediate neighbours explaining our re-zoning proposal and are happy to meet with community members to discuss the rezoning.”

The Maldon site uses grinding clinker from Boral’s Berrima cement works, 50km away, as well as slag from Port Kembla to produce bulk and bagged cementitious products.

“Aggregate from Boral’s Peppertree Quarry at Marulan South, approximately 90 kilometres away, is sent via Boral’s private rail line to this terminal for processing,” the spokesperson said.

“This is a very efficient process and negates any need to source aggregate from other quarries.”

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